Travel in Israel

The South

The South of Israel, including the Negev and Judean Deserts, is sparsely populated but full of fascinating history, sites, and activities. It holds some geological phenomena that can only be found in Israel, such as the beautiful Craters and the Dead Sea area - the lowest place on Earth, where you just float on the water. The Desert offers an enormous variety of interesting options: from the intriguing story of Masada to educational and ecological tours, learning to turn the disadvantages of the desert into advanced hi-tech agriculture, solar projects, water efficiency, and more; from adventurous outdoor activities to luxurious accommodations and star-gazing, from refreshing natural oases in the midst of the desert to scuba diving in the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel's resort town and a great base for excursions into Jordan including Petra; from Bedouin hospitality to the ancient Nabatean trade route and settlements; endless beautiful hikes and the red sand rocks in Timna Geological Park.

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