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"After other well-run, VIP tours, we left with Israel in our minds. But after our week with Yossef Idan, we had Israel in our hearts. I'd never seen the past and present come together and resonate so vividly until Yossef showed us. It was like seeing Israel for the first time. I am recommending IM Israel to anyone who'd like a phenominal travel experience."  




"To Ram

This has been a wonderful trip and I can't imagine a better guide. Thank you for your stories, jokes and your profound knowledge, I know that all the students and I will have great memories of all these places

All the best




"Yossef Idan served as our guide for a recent Jewish Federation mission, but we quickly learned that he is far more than just a tour guide. Yossef is a brilliant historian, a gentle educator, a spiritual advisor and of course a masterful guide. He took us on an extraordinarily well planned journey where kernels of knowledge and wisdom revealed themselves to us along the way as Yossef thoughtfully turned the pages of our trip. By the end, we learned how all the pieces fit together as he intentionally moved us around as puzzle pieces that completed a beautiful and memorable picture at the end of our trip. We all left with a greater appreciation of the people of Israel and a longing to learn more and return again (and again)!  Yossef is an incredible human being, wise well beyond his years, and I consider him a friend".




"Hi Yossef,
I wanted to thank you again for the incredible journey you shared with me and my family.  Our amazing experience was magnified by having experienced it with you. As you said on our last day, I may not remember everything you told us, but I will never forget how I felt. This is not the last you will be hearing from me or the Dresners, I'm sure.  You have left your mark and we will be back for more!





"Simply, Toda!! As I will be leading trips like this in the future. I have been watching you closely, listening to every word.

All I can say is that I cannot imagine a better example to emulate your professionalism, respect, kindness, humility and especially your art of combining history with a good story All create a model that i will spend a lifetime trying to live up to!

You are an amazing person and I will remember you fondly for years to come

Yours, Alex"    


Sara and Jeff 

"This was the question posed by our Jordanian guide.  He was very surprised that we seemed to know so much about history, the Bible, geology, botany, politics, water issues and even earthquake-proof construction.  Of course, the answer (which we kept to ourselves) was that we'd just spent 10 days with an amazing guide and teacher.

Bottom line: We miss you and are completely indebted to you for bringing the ama7ingly complicated layers of Israel to life--and the real icing on the cake was getting to know your personal story and even meeting your beautiful little family and seeing the vision of your Carob community. You are quite a wise old man for your 33 years and your wisdom will resonate with us for years to come.

Todah rabah - Sara and Jeff"


"Ram, Words do not express well enough my appreciation and gratitude for your time, your patience, and your good humor today. But they are all I have so it is with a grateful heart that I say thank you on behalf of Katie, Jack and myself.  You made history come alive for all of us. We each will leave Israel tomorrow far wiser and more Knowledgeable about the Epicenter of the World. I look forward to my return sessions with my Master Teacher. Until then please know I will remember with great fondness your joy and live for life. Finally, thank you for trusting me.
Blessings, Rob"


Ami Stix

"Hey Yossef
We are back in the US with amazing memories and warm hearts after our extraordinary trip with you. You are special beyond words. Israel was not just a vacation but an adventure and opportunity to learn a new way to view the world we live in. We are so happy to know you. Thank you again for sharing your energy and passion for Israel, this beautiful place that connects us to you and so many others.

with ahava,


Laura Zelman

How nice of you to send the time line to us. It really helps to put everything in perspective. I have forwarded it to everyone in the group and they all thank you. We flew to Cypress where it took about 2 hours to refuel. After that the trip back to the U.S.A. was 

smooth and uneventful. We are still recovering from jet lag though. We are also still absorbing all 
that we saw and heard on our trip. It was a wonderful 2 weeks of being immersed in living, breathing 
history. I am so glad to have met you and have learned so much from you.

Many thanks for taking such good care of the group and for teaching us so much. I wish you well and hope you will keep in touch from time to time. If you are in the Washington DC area, please don't hesitate to look us up.

Warm Regards,
Laura Zelman


"Hi Yossef,
 Cindy and I were just talking about the trip and how incredible an experience it was for our family. I can't thank you enough for making the trip absolutely perfect. The kids are off at Jewish summer camps and write us about how their being Jewish has taken on a much deeper meaning since the trip. They write about going back to Israel to study and to stay for a longer period of time.

I often find myself thinking about the trip and hoping that it is not another 10 years before I return

I find it interesting that the thing that perhaps sticks in my mind the most is at the end of the trip when we stood at the roadside reading the story of David and Goliath and being so incredibly moved that we were standing at that vary spot. I thank you for that experience and for what you did to help ensure that my kids, who live in Saint Paul Minnesota, understand the importance of living a Jewish life with strong connections to Israel.. It is not very often that I've come across someone who has made such an impression on me and my family and I hope that you take great pride in knowing what an impact you have had. Thank you. Keep in touch--would love to hear from you.

Mike (Cindy, Alyssa, Sarah and Jacob)"


Muglia, Louis

"Dear Ram, I write to again express my sincere thanks for the tour last Sunday in Jerusalem. It was the absolute highlight of my trip to Israel. I very much appreciate the time you took and the sharing of your knowledge. I look forward to a longer time to explore the old city in the future with you. I have already let my colleagues know what an extraordinary experience this was.
Muglia, Louis"



 Jeff, Bradley, Amanda and myself wanted to personally thank you for making our first family trip to Israel incredibly unique and special.  As we departed back to the states, Bradley and Amanda burst out singing Hebrew songs!  I knew at that moment the trip was a complete success.  My quiet son, Bradley spent the first hour on the plane asking me a hundred and one questions about the history and what we experienced.  I couldn't believe he waited all week to show his curiosity.  You truly were patient, kind and taught us about a world that we didn't quite understand but now completely appreciate.  Words can't describe the feeling I had leaving your country.  It was emotional and spiritual and left me wanting to plan our next trip out there again.



"Ram, I just wanted to send you a quick email, to try and express my thanks.  You have an amazing talent and personality that can help people learn, and connect on so many different levels.  The Entire trip was life changing, and rewarding beyond words.  You made Israel, and being a Jew come alive to me and so many others.  When you said "welcome home" on the first day, I thought you were crazy.  Well, you are crazy, but you are right it is home, and always will be home.  I am starting to look at ways that I can serve Israel with the skills I have, either as a Paramedic, or a trip leader.  If anything comes across your way, please feel free to send it mine.


“Ram was the perfect guide for my family.  This was my third trip to Israel and my 16 year old daughter and husband’s first.  I hoped my daughter would fall in love with Israel and connect with her roots as a Jewish woman.  Ram peaked her curiosity at every level, challenged her, made her laugh and was great fun in all ways.  The whole family had a fabulous journey.” 

Dana Gluckstein, Photographer




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