Favorite restaurants

When you travel in Israel with us, we take you to places of significance and those we love. Since food is an excellent way to "get to know" the local and diverse Israeli culture, we would like to share with you the restaurants that we love in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the North. It's doesn't have to be an expensive or stylish restaurant. Sometimes, the small and simple, and sometimes just street food, is all you need. Bon Appetite


Favorite restaurants

In Tel Aviv

  1. Sheine- New and excellent fish and seafood restaurant ($$)
  2. Quzeria- Balkan Tapas restaurant. Great Balkan tapas dishes with Tel Aviv twist ($$)
  3. Cicchetti-Italian small plates. Simple and excellent dishes ($$)
  4. Santa Katerina – Mediterranean food. Tapas bar and restaurant ($$)
  5. Night Kitchen– Mediterranean. Excellent simple food ($$)
  6. Caspi Humus chain – Excellent hummus, salads, and vegetables ($)
  7. Dallal Bakery Daily fresh pastries and coffee in Neve Tzedek ($)
  8. Tchernichovsky 6 Great Portuguese bistro food and wines ($$)
  9. Shila’s Kitchen Our favorite in Tel Aviv! Everything is excellent, specializing in raw fish dishes ($$$)
  10. Cafe’ Noir- Classic French Bistro since 1997 ($$)
  11. Yaffo-Tel Aviv- Mediterranean  Chef Haim Cohn restaurant ($$$)

In Jerusalem

  1. Morduch- Authentic local family eatery in the Machane Yehuda Market for lunch ($)
  2. Anna –Italian restaurant  Dairy high-quality Kosher Italian cuisine in a great setting ($$)
  3. Chakra – Chef Restaurant Fine atmosphere and excellent food ($$$)
  4. MachneYuda- Mediterranean.  Crowded and noisy but the atmosphere and the food are excellent  ($$$)
  5. Mona- Chef Restaurant  Limited  selection but very good food and beautiful location ($$$)
  6. Zuni-  Bistro in the downtown area. Open 24\7  ($$)
  7. Satya- Chef Restaurant  ($$)

 Driving North

  1.  B12 Meat Station- Meat Restaurant  Simple and excellent on the way to the North ($) Bitan Aharon Center north of Netanya, Tel. 09-891-9199
  2. Rola Restaurant- Arabic Cuisine  Simple but Excellent! One of the best Arabic traditional cuisines ($) Located in Haifa Port area  33  Hanamal St. Tel. 052-227-3812
  3. Magdalena- Special Arabic Cuisine with a new twist, a few minutes’ drives from Tiberias ($$$) Hagalil center on Road 90, Tel. 04-673-0064
  4. Uri Buri-  The famous fish and seafood restaurant in Old Akko ($$$) Tel. 04-955-2212

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