Jerusalem has 70 names in Hebrew, and is placed in the hearts and souls of so many people around the world. Jerusalem brings history into reality with the stories of Abraham and Isaac; Kings David and Solomon; the Great Prophets; Jesus and Muhammad; Alexander the Great and Richard the Lion Heart. Jerusalem is the place where traditions and beliefs blend; holiness and politics lie side by side.
To explore Jerusalem means to use all your senses: from the Ancient City of David to the Old City surrounded by a wall; from the New 19th century town to the Modern City; from the colorful markets and the famous Israel Museum to the meaningful Holocaust Memorial Museum; 
Then, from the height of the mountains to the lowest place on earth - from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert, from City to Desert.
Jerusalem – if you like the book, you will love the city…

Created by L.A Studio L.A Studio בניית אתרים