Day Tours in Israel

Arts, Music and Fashion Tours in Israel

Combined with the country tour (history, religious, archeology sites, and sightseeing) we shall emphasis on arts, music and fashion events across the country. According to different dates of events and happenings we will design the tour to enhance this venue.

This combined tour will gain a better understanding of the culture, the arts and the unique blend of Israel inhabitants and its culture


• Leading art museum tour across the country
• Small and unique museum which are not on the main track
• Visit arts "colonies" and meet the craftsman from the south to the north of Israel. From the Negev through Jaffa and Ein Hod to Rosh Pina and the Golan Heights.
• Follow the "street art" and "graffiti art" in Tel Aviv
• Arts galleries tour in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Authentic Art such as Bedouin woman empower center in the Negev desert, Arabic local woman's arts & craft center and Jewish-Ethiopian art center.


• Tour the hottest new designer's neighborhood of Tel Aviv and the latest trendy clothing shops
• Special shows, sale and events
• Clothing designer shops across the country
• Unique jewelries designer workshops
• Furniture and "one of a kind" designers studios

Musical Special Events:

• Classical music festival in the north
• Rock in the Judean Desert
• Opera in Masada
• Jazz in the Red Sea
• Special concert events
• Local musician performance


• Special events and happenings: "White Night" ,"Open Houses" tour, artist exhibition, religion special ceremonies 

Created by L.A Studio L.A Studio בניית אתרים