Day Tours in Israel

Full immersion biblcal pilgrim to the holy land

IM Israel Travel Ltd presents an exclusive Biblical expedition to follow Christ's footsteps in the Holy Land.
We offer a full-immersion, a unique experience of learning and understanding the events that took place in the Land of Israel, the beginning, the chronological sequel and the words of Christ.
Our tours are not an ordinary sightseeing trip but an entirely immerse journey and experience. Returning home you will have a better understanding of the places, the events, the background, the history and the scriptures. You will carry these memories and images for many years to come.

DAY ONE: Arrival

Land at Ben Gurion International Airport at 17:10 and be welcomes by our representative.  Meet your guide and driver and head south towards Beer Sheva. 

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Beer Sheva

DAY TWO: In the Desert…

Hike through Ein Avdat- National Park and talk about the beginning of the Israelite nation and the role of the desert in human history. Enjoy Bedouin hospitality and learn about the ancient way of living. Drive through Hela Valley- the battle field of David and Goliath all the way north to Nazareth.

Lunch at the Bedouin village

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Nazareth

DAY THREE: In the Beginning…

Start your day with a tour in Nazareth Village that brings to life a farm and Galilean village, recreating Nazareth as it was 2,000 years ago. Continue to the Church of Annunciation dedicated to Mary and the annunciation and St. Josef Church. Walk through Nazareth bazar, passing by the Synagogue –Church towards Mary's Well and enjoy lunch. After lunch drive to the Village of Cana to visit the place where Christ first miracle happened- turning the water into wine. Conclude the day with a beautiful outlook over the Armageddon Valley from Mt. Precipice and hear about the Biblical events that took place bellow us and Christ "leap of Faith"

Lunch in Nazareth

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Nazareth

DAY FOUR: Miracles and Parables around the Sea of Galilee

Visit Mount of Beatitudes for a bird's eye view of the Sea of Galilee and read the "Sermon on the Mountain". Continue to the Primacy of Peter Church by the Sea of Galilee and tour Capernaum, the City of Christ with the ancient synagogue and Peter's home. Drive to the city of Bet Tzaida where most of Christ disciples came from and probably the site of the Fish and Loaves miracle.  Afterwards, drive to Kursi on "the other side" with its Byzantine monastery and the miracle of pigs. Enjoy St Peter fish from the Sea of Galilee for lunch. After lunch mount a boat replica and take a leisurely ride crossing the Sea of Galilee. Visit the 2,000 years ancient boat at the Ginosar Museum. Drive back to Nazareth.

Lunch: Sea of Galilee

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Nazareth

DAY FIVE: Transfiguration and Isolation

Climbed Mt. Tabor-the Mountain of Transfiguration and talk about the transfiguration and the role of Moses and Elijah from the Old to the New Testament.  Drive south along the Jordan Valley to the original Baptized site. After lunch tour Qumran and then relax and swim at the Dead Sea Beach.

Lunch: at the Dead Sea

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Dead Sea

DAY SIX: Masada and Ein Gedi

Start the day hiking the Ein Gedi oasis National Park and continue to climb Masada - the Jewish last stronghold in the riot against the Roman Empire during the first century. Drive towards Jerusalem through the Judah Desert for a beautiful outlook of St. George Monastery and talk about the desert and its role in religion.

Lunch: at Masada

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Jerusalem

DAY SEVEN: From King David to the Nativity

Start the day with a Tour the ancient City of David where Jerusalem started 3,000 years ago, and walk through the wet/dry Hezekiah Tunnel up to the Davidson Archeological Park and the Western Wall. Continue with an outstanding panoramic view of Jerusalem and the Old City from the Hass Promenade. After lunch visit the Nativity Church in Bethlehe.

Lunch: Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Jerusalem

DAY EIGHT: Jerusalem the Passion of Jesus

Start the day with a spectacular view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.  Talk about Christ's last and most important week of his life. Walk down to Dominus Flevit where Christ wept over Jerusalem and continue descending the mountain towards the Garden of Gethsemane-the Rock of Agony. Continue onto Mt. Zion and visit the Last Supper Room, Pentecost and King David’s Tomb. Time permitted we shall visit the church of St. Peter in Gallicantu and the house of Caiphas where Jesus was imprisoned for the night and where Peter denied him. Enter the Old City through Zion Gate and walk through the Jewish Quarter to have lunch. Exit the Old City through Damascus Gate to conclude our day at the Garden Tomb. Return to your hotel and later enjoy the spectacular Light & Sound Show at the David Citadel

Lunch in the Old City

Dinner at your hotel

Overnight: Jerusalem

DAY NINE: To the New World…

We walk the Via Dolorosa-the road of the sufferings to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and exit Old Jerusalem via Jaffa Gate. We continue to tour Old Jaffa and learn about the important of the city to Christianity. We continue driving along the coast, beside the ancient Via Maris road, to visit Caesarea-the Roman Capital of Judaea during Christ time. After lunch we will have free time to enjoy the vibrant town of Tel Aviv. After dinner drive to the airport

Lunch: Herzelia

Dinner in Tel Aviv

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