Day Tours in Israel

Family Tour To Israel

IM Israel Travel Ltd invites families with children of all ages to come explore and discover Israel in ways they will never forget. Israel has much to offer everywhere. From the modern Tel Aviv and Holon's children Museum to the Ancient and Old Jerusalem; from biking in the Negev desert to a chocolate workshop in the Golan Heights; from White Water Rafting in the Jordan River to Camel and Horseback riding;
A well-planned itinerary will meet the goals and needs of the entire family and ensure a meaningful and unforgettable experience to all its members.

DAY ONE: Arrival

Land at Ben Gurion International airport and be welcomed by our representative. Drive to Tel Aviv to tour Old Jaffa and the renewed Flee Market.

Overnight in Tel Aviv

DAY TWO: Tel Aviv – The City That Never Sleeps

Drive to the Ayalon Institute- the bullet-producing factory before 1948, and continue to Holon's Children Museum. Visit the famous Rothschild Boulevard and the Independence Hall. Tour the Palmach Museum and stroll the new Tel Aviv port area.

Overnight in Tel Aviv

DAY THREE: Along The Coast

Drive along the Mediterranean coast to tour Caesarea - the Roman capital town during the Second Temple period, and continue to Atlit - the British prison camp. Visit the Israeli Navy museum in Haifa and climb the Carmel Mountain via the cable car.

Overnight in Haifa

DAY FOUR: The Galilee Mountains

Overlook the beautiful Baha'i Gardens and the German Colony, drive and tour Old Acre and continue to Rosh Hanikra Grottos. Hike through the Keshet Cave and cross the Upper Galilee Region to the Hula Valley.

Overnight in Hula Valley

DAY FIVE: The Golan Heights

Hike through the beautiful National Park of Tel Dan and climb the Golan Heights in a 4x4 vehicle. Visit the Deer Park in Odem forest and climb Mount Bental for an overview of the Golan Heights and Syria. Tour a boutique chocolate factory and enjoy an outstanding view of the Sea of Galilee on the way back.

Overnight in Hula Valley

DAY SIX: Mysticism, Kabala And The Jordan River

Tour the Hula Valley and lake and enjoy a White Water Rafting in the Jordan River.  Explore Safed- the mystical and Kabala town since the late 16 century, and stroll through its art galleries and shops. End the day with a horseback riding at the Bat-Ya'ar Ranch

Overnight in Hula Valley

DAY SEVEN:From The Galilee To The Judean Desert

Tour Beit She'an - the Roman town and the ancient synagogue of Bet Alfa. Visit the Australian Park and swim at the National Park of Gan Hashlosha. Descend towards the lowest place in the world- The Dead Sea and the Judean Desert area.

Overnight at the Dead Sea

DAY EIGHT: Masada, Ein Gedi And The Dead Sea

Day Eight: Climb Masada, the Jewish last stronghold in the riot against the Roman Empire during the first century, and hike the Ein Gedi oasis National Park. Enjoy swimming and floating in the Dead Sea spa and drive to Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY NINE: Jerusalem Anicient And Old City

Enjoy an outstanding panoramic view of Jerusalem and the old city from the Hass Promenade.Visit the ancient City of David where Jerusalem started 3,000 years ago and walk through the wet Hezekiah Tunnel up to Davidson Archeological Park and the Western Wall. Tour the Western Wall Tunnels and the Old City; walk through Jerusalem's unique quarters and bazaars. 

Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY TEN: Archeological Adventure - Dig Israel...

Drive to Beit Govrin National Park and participate in an on-going archeological excavation. Continue with  a nature tour in the East Lachish district  and an exciting visit to the Avshalom stalactite & stalagmite cave. Visit Mini Israel in Latrun.
Evening program: enjoy the night spectacular- Sound and Light Show at the David Citadel in Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY ELEVEN: Modern Jerusalem

A guided tour through the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem. Walk the colorful Machane Yehuda Market.  Visit the model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple Period at the Israeli Museum and the  Shrine of the Books- the most ancient remains of the Jewish bible, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Drive by the Israeli parliament - the Knesset and the Supreme Court.
Evening program: Travel through 3,000 years of history in the "Time Elevator"

Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY TWELVE: Dparture, Shalom And Lehitraot...

Free morning in Jerusalem, check out and transfer to Ben Gurion International Air Port

shalom ve lehitraot...


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