Day Tours in Israel

Culianry tour to israel

There are many ways to explore Israel and discover its unique combination of food & beverage, restaurants, local cooking and the Mediterranean Fusion. Explore Israel's history, archeology, culture and people, religion and atmosphere, along with its biblical food and vine growing from 4,000 years ago and up to date

Sample For Eight Days Culinary Tour To Israel 

DAY ONE: Arrival

Lending at Tel Aviv airport. Touring old Jaffa, NeveTzedek and Hatachana
Dinner: one of the leading restaurants in Tel Aviv

Over Night in Tel Aviv

DAY TWO: Anciant And New In Lachish Distric And Tel Aviv City

Visit Lachish and Haela Valley the- battle field of David and Goliath, wine tasting and a light meal in one of the wineries. In the afternoon we will explore down-town Tel Aviv neighborhoods and boulevards, continue to the new pedestrian area in the old port of Tel-Aviv, with its indoor food market and lively atmosphere.
Lunch: light meal in the winery
Dinner: cooking work-shop in Tel Aviv
Optional night touring the local pubs and night life of Tel Aviv

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

DAY THREE: Carmel Market, Ceasarea, Haifa and Cooking Workshop

Touring the lively Carmel open-market area and continuing north along the Mediterranean shore for a Moroccan hands-on cooking work-shop and lunch.
After lunch: Visit the ancient Roman town of Caesarea and continue to Ein Hod -the artists' village, and to the city of Haifa.
Lunch: cooking work-shop
Dinner:  Hanamal 24, Haifa

Accommodation in Haifa

DAY FOUR: Acre And The Bahai Gardens

Start the day with a panoramic view over the Bahai gardens and Haifa port and continue to touring old Acre. Lunch at Said's Humus restaurant and dinner at Uri Buri's renowned fish restaurant.
Lunch: Humus at Said's restaurant in Acre
Dinner: Uri Buri fish restaurant

Accommodation in Haifa/ Acre

DAY FIVE: Zippory, Nazareth And The Sea Of Galilee

Visit Zippori and Nazareth, lunch at one of the local Arabic restaurants. Afterwards, continue to the Sea of Galilee area and to Tiberias.
Lunch: Nazareth
Dinner:Hands-on cooking work-shop at the famous Ilan Robergs Restaurant and dinner

Accommodation in: Tiberias

DAY SIX: The Jordan Vally, Masada And The Dead Sea

Driving through the Jordan Valley to the Judean Dessert and the Dead Sea. Touring Beit She'an or Masada\ Ein Gedi\ Qumran and spend the afternoon relaxing and dinning in one of the Dead Sea spas.
Lunch: Dead Sea
Dinner: Cavalier restaurant in Jerusalem

Accommodation in: Jerusalem

DAY SEVEN: Jerusalem And Machane Yehuda Market

Touring Jerusalem's Old City and markets, the Via Dolorosa and the Western Wall, and exploring Machne Yehuda energetic market in the afternoon. Lunch at a local authentic restaurant, continue touring Jerusalem
Lunch:  Authentic restaurant in the Old City or Machne Yehuda
Dinner: Arcadia restaurant

Accommodation in: Jerusalem

DAY EIGTH: Jerusalem And Abu Gosh

A guided tour in Jerusalem with lunch in Abu Gosh village, and transfer to the airport.
Lunch: One of the restaurants in Abu Gosh

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