Day Tours in Israel

Adventure Tour To Israel

Israel varied landscape and climate unable us the adventure seekers to enjoy a wide rang of energetic activities, all in one exciting and experiential tour 

Sample Of Twelve Days Of Pure Advanture  

DAY ONE: Arrival

Land at Ben Gurion International Airport and be welcomed by our representative. Drive to Tel Aviv and visit the Old City of Jaffa and the famous Flee Market.

Overnight in Tel Aviv

DAY TWO: Tel Aviv – The City That Never Sleeps

A bicycle tour through Tel Aviv parks and along the Mediterranean coast. Visit the New Port area, the Rothschild Bld. Neve Tzedek neighborhood and Jaffa port.

Overnight in Tel Aviv

DAY THREE: The Negev Desert

Drive southwards to the Negev Desert and visit Ben Gurion's tomb overlooking the Zin Valley. Hike through Ein Avdat National Park and later mount a 4x4 vehicle for a desert ride towards Ein Akev natural spring.  Continue south towards Mitzpe Ramon for an overwhelming sunset over the Ramon Crater.

Overnight in Mitzpe Ramo  

DAY FOUR: Ramon Crater – One Of Israel Seven Wonders

Rappel into the Ramon Crater and continue by a hike or an off-road bicycle ride\ horseback ride. Enjoy Bedouin desert hospitality.

Overnight in Mitzpe Ramon    

DAY FIVE: Eilat And Timna Geology Park

Drive south to the southern part of Israel - to Eilat, and hike through the Timna Geology Park.

Overnight in Eilat   

DAY SIX: Diving In The Red Sea

Scuba dives and swim with dolphins in the Red Sea. Take a 4x4 tour through the Eilat Mountains.

Overnight in Eilat   

DAY SEVEN: Along The Coast

Fly to Tel Aviv and drive north along the Mediterranean cost to visit Caesarea. Ride a self-drive ATV in the sand dune. Hike through the Dor Nature Resort along the seashore.

Overnight in Haifa 

DAY EIGHT: Across The Galilee Mountains

Overlook the Baha'i Gardens and drive to explore Old Acre. Continue to Rosh Hanikra and then rappel the Keshet Cave.

Cross the Upper Galilee Mountain to Rosh Pina.

Overnight in Mitzpe Hayamim

DAY NINE: Kabala And Horseback Riding

Visit Safed and stroll through its allies to visit the art galleries and shops. Hike through the Amud Valley Nature Resort. Enjoy a horseback riding at the Bat Ya'ar ranch

Overnight in Mitzpe Hayamim

DAY TEN: Hike And Wine The Golan Heights

Drive up the Golan Heights for a hike at the Banias National Park. Climb Mount Bental for an overlook of the Golan Heights and Syria. Enjoy a winery tour and wine-tasting at the Golan Heights Winery.

Overnight in Mitzpe Hayamim   

Day ELEVEN: Driving the Syrian African Rift

Drive along the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem. Visit to the Peace Island between the States of Jordan and Israel. View Jerusalem from the Olive Mountain. After hotel check-in, enjoy a night cycling through the allies of Jerusalem's old city. 

Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY TWELVE: Segway In Jerusalem Ancient And Old City

Tour the Ancient City of David and walk through the wet Hezekiah Tunnel and up to the Davidson Archeological Park. Continue touring the Old City's unique quarters. Enjoy a Segway ride on the Hass Promenade.

Overnight in Jerusalem

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