Tourist’s regulations for visiting Israel

After almost two years, Israel is now open for tourists who have received a vaccination approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). We summarized the instructions before and during your visit to Israel. We will update the regulations once they change. If you need more information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are thrilled to be back on business and offering you our best services to provide a smooth and One-of-a-Kind tour in our beautiful country.


Tourist’s regulations for visiting Israel

Any tourist who meets ALL the bellow conditions will be allowed entry to Israel:

  • A tourist who has not stayed in a ‘RED” country in the last 14 days prior to entry into Israel.
  • A tourist who has received a vaccination approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) or has recovered*, according to the conditions detailed in the following.


Vaccinations approved by the WHO

Two vaccines:  Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, or Sinopharm

One vaccine: Johnson & Johnson

Conditions: At least 14 days have passed from the dates of the last vaccine on the date of entry to Israel (but not more than 180 days have passed on departing Israel)


A Booster dose: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac,  Sinopharm, or Johnson & Johnson

Conditions: At least 14 days have passed from the dates of the Booster dose on the date of entry to Israel.


Recovering Tourists

Presenting  a reference of a positive result in a molecular test (such as PCR or NAAT) which can be digitally verified in the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMH) systems


Conditions: 11 days or more have passed since the test on the date of entry to Israel AND have received at least one dose of the vaccine approved by the WHO (irrelevant to the time and order of events). but Not more than 180 days pass from the day of the test.


*Currently, the USA is not among the countries that issue digital documents that can be verified by the IMH system. Therefore, recovery US tourists can not enter Israel.


Receiving a “Green Pass” for traveling in Israel

In Israel, everyone needs to show a “Green Pass” before entering closed places, like restaurants, museums, hotels, or any site which is not in the open area.


How to receive the “Green Pass”?

Up to 30 hours before the flight: Filling out a Passenger Entry form

  • Travelers who hold a digital certificate that can be verified: will scan or upload their certificate of vaccination or recovery to the Passenger Entry form and shall be issued a Green Pass before boarding their flight.



Condition for boarding the Plane:

  1. Presenting a negative PCR test result performed up to 72 hours prior to the flight.
  2.  Presenting the Passenger entry form has been filled out up to 24 before the flight.
  3. Presenting one of the following documents:
  • Certificate of vaccination indicating receipt of vaccination according to the aforesaid.
  • Certificate of recovery that can be digitally verified in IMH systems, indicating recovery (not for US citizens)


After landing in Israel

  • Performing sample checks of documents and fulfillment of conditions by the Administration of border Crossing Authority in the airport.
  • Performing PCR test in the airport and stay in quarantine until receipt of a negative result or for 24 hours, whichever is earlier (It usually takes a few hours). The quarantine is permitted at your hotel. Please book your PCR test in Advance: PCR test at the airport
  • Tourists who are verified with Covid-19 during their stay in Israel shall be transferred to a designated hotel for the recovery period. Medical treatment is at the expense of and within the traveler’s private insurance and subject thereto. We strongly recommend getting travel insurance that covers also cases of Coronavirus during your stay in Israel.


Please see the link to the Ministery of Health formal regulations 


Wishing you a safe and good flight!



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